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The “Pooch” | The Truth About Burning Stubborn Lower…

how to burn stubborn lower body fat
How to burn stubborn lower body fat known as the “pooch”

“THE POOCH” – Stubborn lower body fat
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Lol who comes up with these words πŸ˜‚ I get it most women carry the most fat in this area but remember these factors that MIGHT effect:
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β€’ Emotional Stress = Bloat
β€’ Physical Stress (leg day) = Hold excess water weight
β€’ Digestive Stress = irritation / bloat from certain foods
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β€’ Figure out what foods cause you to bloat and start to slowly eliminate them (ex: sodium/sugar/dairy)
β€’ Train your lower rectus abdominal muscles with these exercises. Let your muscles be stronger than your fat!
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If you need help with nutrition you can download my FREE Nutrition + Restaurant Guide. Because I know a girl’s gotta eatΒ πŸ’πŸ».
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* Note: this is a very broad subject. This is only one perspective.

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