Shortcuts to Small and Strong

I'm Small and Strong! About Small & Strong

Shortcuts to Small and Strong

Imagine yourself crying in a shower at 10 pm on a Friday night….passionless. Cue the beginning of my fitness journey.

That’s how quickly a transformation begins. All it takes is knowing you deserve the BEST life for yourself. I knew I was capable of more than Netflix & Chillin’. I wanted to create a career that I loved, find adventure through communities and passion for something that empowered me. I found all that through health/fitness.


I’ve used this passion of mine to guide my travels as I’ve ventured into 13 new cities by myself. I always found a home in a gym. People with ambition, drive and endorphin highs.

However, no matter what cool city I was conquering there was no where quite like Atlanta. From opportunities, southern hospitality to culture this city owns my heart. Therefore, I plan to conquer it.

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